NOV 14, 2016   ۩  Philip the Apostle Feast day; World Diabetes Day; Day of the Colombian Woman; Children’s Day (India)

● 565: Justinian I, Byzantine emperor died
● 1765: Robert Fulton, American engineer & inventor of  the steamboat, was born in Little Britain, Pennsylvania
● 1910: Aviator Eugene Burton Ely performed the first take off from a ship (the USS Birmingham), in Hampton Roads, Virginia (photo)
● 1918: Czechoslovakia became a republic
● 1922: The BBC begun radio service in the United Kingdom
● 1967: American physicist Theodore Maiman was given a patent for his ruby laser systems
● 1975: Spain abandoned Western Sahara
● 1979: Jimmy Carter issued executive order 12170, freezing all Iranian assets in the US
● 1990: After German reunification, the Federal Republic of Germany and Poland signed a treaty confirming the Oder–Neisse line as their border
● 1991: Cambodian prince Norodom Sihanouk returned  to Phnom Penh after 13 years of exile


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