The company’s ERRV “Ocean Troll”, will provide emergency response & rescue services for Mærsk Oil’s Culzean project in the central North Sea. The charter is the first Fire Fighting Class II (Fi-Fi II) ERRV to have operated in the UK sector and commenced in July 2017 and will last for a firm period of 2 years, with 2 one-year options thereafter.

Atlantic Offshore Scotland Ltd is part of the Norwegian-based Aeogopodium AS and employs about 210 people (approximately 200 seamen and 10 office-based staff) and provides multi-role ERRVs for many of the oil majors operating in the North Sea.

The 78 meters “Ocean Troll” is an ERRV with multirole functionality including Fi-Fi II, with the capacity to accommodate 21 crewmembers. It is managed by the company from its Aberdeen base at Waterloo Quay.

In addition to this contract, Atlantic Offshore will also be renewing its relief vessel with the newly converted “Ocean Clever”, built in 2009, that will take over the relief duties of the “Ocean Troll” and will provide employment for an additional 30 seafarers.

Inclusive of Atlantic Offshore Scotland’s range of 6 ERRVs, the Aeogpodium group currently operates a fleet of 9 ERRVs and 3 platform supply vessels (PSVs).

Matthew Gordon, managing director of Atlantic Offshore Scotland Ltd, said:

“Robust emergency response is indispensable to all oil and gas operations. Our aim is to cement our position as the UK’s leading ERRV supplier for high end multi-role services.”

Roy Wareberg, CEO of Atlantic Offshore, said:

“It is a great achievement to secure Maersk Oil’s Culzean project – not only does it allow the team to support a high end project – but it allows us to further grow our fleet. Our recent conversion of Ocean Clever is something we aim to continue in the coming years and as we look for opportunities that fit our niche service offering.”


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