ABB is providing the shipboard systems and systems expertise that will support the research voyages undertaken by By the Ocean we Unite, the charitable organization whose mission is to highlight the damage done by the millions of tonnes of plastics that end up in the world’s oceans every year.

The group has installed a state of the art Marine Advisory System including SPOS Onboard weather routing software from MeteoGroup, on the sailing yacht “Fantastiko” to help crew route-plan and monitor weather conditions on a research voyage in waters off Rotterdam, the South of England, the Channel Islands, France and Belgium during August.

During the 17-day voyage, the professional crew on board “Fantastiko” will work in support of scientists researching first-hand the sources of and impact made by plastic pollution in one of the busiest seaways in the world.

ABB is a campaign partner & sponsor, also helping to publicize seagoing research by making voyage data available through its online Marine Fleet portal, which links to the BTOWU website. The BTOWU audience can follow the status of sailing expeditions, while the portal also hosts data that has been input manually covering the types of plastic particles that are being found. This function will go live in the coming months.

Thomas van Thiel, By the Ocean we Unite, said:

“Today, it is estimated that 23,000 kilos of plastics are dumped into the world’s oceans every single minute. These materials are fragmenting into ever smaller particles, damaging the marine environment and marine life, and entering the food chain. Plastics also act as sponges to other toxic chemicals already in the seas, concentrating areas of pollution. Removing plastics from the oceans is not currently feasible, but we must identify sources and effects because prevention is not only the better option, but cheaper than cleaning the oceans.”

Bart Cunnen, vice president of the ABB Benelux Marine & Ports organization, said:

“As a technology group, ABB is committed to technologies that are compatible with sustainability, but we are also delighted that our marine software is being used directly in the battle to protect the marine environment. The ABB’s support for BTOWU falls under its wider commitments to offering services that make a real impact on improving marine sustainability, which include ‘EE’ energy efficiency training’ via the ABB Marine Academy. Marine Academy EE training creates awareness of the practicalities related to a sustainable vessels profile. Participants leave equipped with the tools to make real life fuel savings, Identify the origins of air pollution, explain the IMO rules and activities related to energy efficiency and GHG control, and take the steps necessary to align with EEDI surveys and SEEMP.”


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